Online! EP4 with Robyn McTague, Taking charge of your Website

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EP4 Robyn McTague – Taking charge of your Website as an Entrepreneur!

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Robyn McTague

Online! Episode 4:

With Robyn McTague – Taking charge of your Website as an Entrepreneur!

The show focuses on entrepreneurs and business owners to help them become more successful in conducting their business on the web without being stuck with Technology, getting a headache, pulling their hairs out, or buying expensive software!

In EP4: I am with Robyn McTague, The Master Holistic Healer from Richmond BC. Canada.

I approached Robyn to discuss her “online approach” as a business owner and entrepreneur. I had learned that she had a bad experience with a web design agency that had prompted her to take matters into her own hands and take back control of the process to build her business’s website.
So what happens when a business owner has a bad experience with their web designer? How do you solve this issue and push through?

We also spoke about the 3 different iterations of her business website as well as the experience she has gone through over the past 3 or 4 years in order to finally have a good working website that she feels satisfied with.

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Episode 4 Transcription:

Hi. Hi, Robin. How are you doing? I’m doing great. How about you? Oh, good, thanks. Hey guys, I have Robin McTigue here with me. And we’re going to have a nice episode of online. So, Robin, without further ado, please tell people who you are, where you live what you do anything you want to say that people don’t already know.

All right. I’m Robin McTague, Master holistic healer. And I really help you to understand what motivates you, where you get stuck, in being really free to be who you are. And I use some unique tools to do that. And we also look at what are the conflicts that you feel internally and really pull that apart so we can actually be our best selves and have a life of freedom and choice. I’m in Richmond, BC. And I one of the things I love here is the big open sky and having lots of places to walk, though I don’t get the hills in for my cardio.

Oh, yeah, I have no hills.

No. And the other thing I do is kind of a side is a metaphysics course for adults and children. And I got drawn to this after dealing with cancer 20 years ago this month. And so at that time, I worked corporately, and going back into a workplace around stressed out people was really difficult. And so I learned how to help other people to bring in the energy shields, we’re not taking on other people’s negativity, and we can have ongoing energy and connection with people in a healthier way.

Nice. That’s interesting. Like, we had like a brief conversation before recording, and you were telling me about giving people a path for transformation, rather than just tell them where they’re at. So yeah, a little bit more about that.

Sure. Yeah. So both with the motivational map, which helps us to see where are we at with our motivation and motivation changes over time, if you think about 10 years ago, what motivated you then is different from now. So it’s based on our personality, which is kind of our past, but also a very more stable, dynamic, but how we view our future and how we view our present life changes. And that’s why motivation changes. And then the other piece, is that personality fairly stable. And that’s through the enneagram. So what I do is help you to understand who you are, and what do you pay attention to in the world? And what are those ego defense mechanisms that come in and help to keep us safe. So the comfort zone that we’re always attempting to break out of, and we don’t know why we can’t move past it. It’s because of the way that we look at the world and our experience of what we feel is missing. And so this system actually gets to underneath that to our core essence. So we can actually see it for what it is and have those blind spots removed and move towards that path of transformation, both psychologically and spiritually.

Do you think that this kind of defense mechanism sometimes acts like a shield, like it’s kind of we sometimes isolate ourselves from the outside world. And technology also makes that worse, because we’re on Facebook and like, we don’t see people anymore?

It does, and especially on your type. So for example, if you’re a type two, which is a helper giver, they really receive connection by having that outward connection to you. So that’s how they get filled up is by helping you and sometimes to their own detriment. So as a business owner or an entrepreneur, we may be helping to promote other people, but we’re not promoting ourselves, for example. And so they may be feeling that lack of connection. So how can we bring that in to get that satisfied? And also understand that our personal care and how we take care of ourselves is really important to and helping to learn what is that for me? If I don’t know?

How would someone who needs help know that they need help?

Often it’s confusion about what I want to do, who am I, I find that I step forward in one moment, and then I put the brakes on, and I kind of step back. And often that’s because of an internal conflict. So on one hand, I have this ability to have high growth and I make a decision like that, whether or not it’s the best decision in the long run. I can make decisions really quick. But another part of me is more relationship based. And so those people need way more information and also make decisions a lot slower. They’re not as open to change as quickly. So if we have two of those things going on internally, we don’t know why we’re not moving forward. And we just know that, why do I do this? I’m self-sabotaging. I’m, you know, saying I’m going to do something and then I don’t follow through. Those kinds of things can happen a lot.

Like having two personalities.

Yeah, yeah. And, and I actually the piece I say about the enneagram, it’s about bringing all parts of ourselves together, because we need to do that. So for example, what happens is we have shadow created, and that’s part of the process with the deeper work is bringing that together and integrating it. So if I’m feeling jealous about your business, and I don’t want to look at that, I put it to the side and it becomes unconscious, and plays out in ways that I don’t even realize that I’m doing weird things. And why did I sabotage there? Why am I feeling uncomfortable around that person. And so when we bring it to light, and see, oh, it’s just trying to tell me I have a desire for that. And then it’s not playing in our unconscious and creating problems we’re aware. And we just name it for what it is.

I love that part. Because, you know, like, there is jealousy, not only in business, but in life generally. And one of my good friends, his name is Josh hole. And he collaborates a lot with his competition, and he call it core petition. And I love that. Yeah, let’s do some core petition. And it’s actually in my world in web design and development. There is 10 or 100 ways to do one thing. And each person has their own favorite way to get something done. And there’s usually there’s no right or wrong, like, all of these ways are definitely right to one point or another. But every person chooses to sees their own way. And a lot of people think, like, oh, there’s so many web designers, why does the world need another one? But it’s actually that’s not true. There’s so many everything. There’s so many doctors, there’s so many engineers, but you bring you like you bring your personality, you know, you’re not just another number added to the list. But there’s a little bit of your soul and your work. If you know if that’s if that’s correct to

say, yeah, it’s our passion, right. And that’s what gets us up, it’s like, that’s not motivation does is when we’re tapped into that and who we are, then we can move forward. And we’re in alignment with who we are.

And certainly when you put two or three or more great minds together in alignment, when they don’t feel jealous, and they don’t feel like they need to break each other’s bones to compete is when great things start to happen.

Absolutely. And in energy, we have different vibrations, and people are going to be connected in different ways. And one of the other things I do is some numerology, and we can actually look at what are the lessons between us and what’s the outcome if we work through that. So it helps bring more information to our relationships as well.

Nice, I forgot to ask you, what’s the name of the business?

The technical name is Robin McTague. benefits, but I use the life of choice.

The life of choice?

Yeah, so the website is a life of

a life of choice or just life of choice, a life of choice, your life of Yeah, perfect. I’m gonna put that on the screen, one producing the video so that people would see the link as well. And the interesting part that we’ve connected on one of the Facebook groups, and I didn’t know that you were in British Columbia like me. So it’s great to talk to somebody from the same place. who’s experiencing the same weather. Yeah. And I have learned that you build your own website yourself.

And I attempted, attempted.

So tell us a little bit of the experience. How did it start? And what happened?

Yeah, so I was pretty new to business when I started out as an entrepreneur, small business owner, and I’d worked corporately for many, many years. So I could always just call someone up and say, This problems happening on my computer, just fix it. And then when I started out, it was I was saying a group and met other people who are entrepreneurs and said, Oh, Wix is really easy. Oh, my goodness. I had taken out a block where some words were as going to put some new words I could not find out Way to put that block back in, like when you’re on a PowerPoint and you say, no text and you had that little box. I spent days.

Oh my god.

And it’s like, this is not working, this is not worth it. And, you know, people say, oh, but it’s the easiest. It’s like, well, do I really want to do this, then, if it’s so difficult, and this is supposed to be the easier one, and then I started talking to other people, and they’re saying, don’t use Wix, it’s, it’s not, you know, you’re not going to get people on, there’s problems with it. And then I talked to other people, and they said, well, GoDaddy will do it. But then I found out there’s problems because you can’t personalize it as much as like a WordPress site. And then I started looking there, there’s some guru from the US, and she helps you to do your website. And so then it’s like, looking at WordPress themes and attempting to understand that. And it was like, Okay, I just don’t have a clue. And so it was like, Okay, I’m going to see what kind of support I can get. And so I’ve met someone through a group. And through the group, they said, Okay, we’ll do your website for like, 50% off of our normal price. And that person was in Alberta. So we didn’t have direct contact. But I thought, okay, the focus of this group is heart centered entrepreneurs and business owners, and I’m going to trust that this guy knows what he’s doing. And I was really upfront saying, Look, I’m really great at this, I don’t have a clue. I’ve attempted this and doing this, and I’m just lost. And was, so we had our meeting, I thought it went really well. And then his spouse was the more techie person, and she just started running with it. And it’s like, What is she doing? We haven’t even decided on stuff. And it just went downhill from there. It was a really disheartening for me, because I thought we had a relationship. And to me, everything is relationship. And they had a framework. And so I was kind of being blamed. It’s like, you’re not putting stuff in the correct framework. And I said, I don’t understand what the concepts are, like, if you could explain it to me more than I can do that. And then,

so there was no training.

There was no training, there was no ongoing discussion about do you like this or that it was just like, look at some websites and see what you like. And then they came up with their own theme anyway.

Because I think they had kind of

things you’re like, yeah,

yeah. And it was like, the woman was not calling me back, and got really angry at me. And I think they’re, I don’t know if they were having problems themselves. But you know, I talked to him. And I thought that we had the communication clear. And then the translation didn’t necessarily get transferred over. And I doused, I was looking at a graphic for something specific. And they had their person do it, and I didn’t like it. And they got really offended. And it’s like, it was too corporate, for what I wanted. And it’s like, How do I explain that? So I’m kind of taking on the blame that I’m not doing things, right. And then he actually came to a conference here that we’re part of, so I saw he was there. And I messaged him and said, Let’s meet, right, let’s just meet for five minutes and just meet each other. And I thought, you know, if we have a personal rapport,

sometimes this clears. Yeah, if there’s any, any issues,

and he wouldn’t meet. Wow. So it’s like, okay, and I was devastated. Like, I felt so bad. And it’s like, if this is what it’s like to do business with people, you know, this is not a good way to start. And it turns out, he did leave the group because he just was not congruent with what the philosophy and values were of the group. And so I kind of, I had a functioning, but there was some problems with even getting it going. And then it’s like, Okay, I’m gonna find someone else. And then when my year came up, because the first year they hosted,

yeah, the hosting is finished. You need to move somewhere.

Yeah, he’s like messaging me. Well, are you going to renew and why would I renew

a service that I don’t like? Yeah.

Like it just kind of I was shocked. It’s like, you haven’t talked to me You wouldn’t talk to me. You refuse to talk to me? wouldn’t take My calls. And so yeah, I’m looking elsewhere and yeah, next person was way better, totally different.

So this is going through experiences going up. Yeah.

So I’ve been through three reiterations of the website with different people. And this last one I’m happy with, though, it’s a little bit sad because I was introduced to them through a coach, and they’re down in the US and the main person who runs that he’s going blind sight or noise in our business. So we had a few communication glitches. And I found out what was going on, because it’s like, this is not who he presented initially, like, we had such a good rapport. And then I found out about what’s going on in this life. So that was really sad.

Oh, my God. So let me take you back to the first experience a little bit, the first time you realize things are not going well, was the problem, lack of control, or like, lack of communication? I’m trying to, because you know, usually there are two ways. One way is, I don’t know how you do it, just do it. So like, Don’t involve me, I’ll give you all the content that I have. I’ll give you an idea of what I like, I’ll show you some websites that I feel and think that they’re aligned with my business and so that you can get some ideas of what I like so that it’s not, let’s say, for example, to corporate, but it just go on and run with it. The other one is no, like, I want to be kind of in control. And I want to see the stuff and approve it before it goes into production. So which one, were you?

Yeah, and I kind of wanted some control. But I also wasn’t sure what to put in some areas. So I wanted feedback. And I thought that was fairly clear. When I expressed that, you know, I’m brand new to this, I’m going to need some more hand holding than someone else that really has this all set out figured out. Yeah.

So it was like you’re the one. Like, if I look at this as a project, it would have been safe to say you are the project manager. And you’re bringing people along to help you with the stuff that you want to do, rather than somebody else’s taking control and responsibility for the whole project and giving it to you like giving you the key.


Yeah. So like some of the images. Yeah, it was important to me that it express who I was more, rather than, you know, just as assumption. And what I see in hindsight, is part of it was the writing piece that would have been really helpful for them to say, we cannot review your stuff that’s not part of the package. If you need that assistance, you need to do that outside of here. Yeah. So that would have been much clearer to me, because I was expecting some feedback based on their history of doing sites for other people. If that was kind of in keeping with the norm for Yeah, business.

Was there no, like the proposal? Didn’t it lay out? Like, what to expect? And is it just the money proposal, or it did talk about who brings the content? What happens with the images? And you know, like, usually, we’re not going to be using something that’s copyrighted, and things like that.

Not enough detail. And of course, that was another learning piece for me. Right? It was about? Yeah, it was kind of general. And, you know, this is what we’ll do. And we’ll do one website and blah, blah, blah. But not to that detail, because I wasn’t aware of what those pieces were. So that was my lack of research or understanding

of what to ask for in there.

Yeah, usually only learn after an experience, you know, this stuff before.

Yeah, and not so thing, right. And


you know, I think someone like you or someone who would consult I think that would be a really good thing or like if you’re working with the coach, if they have like someone they can refer you to and this these are kind of the things that would be good in your industry or whatever it is like make sure these certain things are taken care of like a checklist or something like

yeah, like Usually, the main issue like from my experience, the main issues that happen in a website project, from the designer’s point of view is not having ready content. Because in the majority of cases when you’re a startup You have a business idea. But you haven’t actually sat down to write content for every page that you want to put to the public. And you haven’t thought about. Okay, so where do the graphics come from? Am I taking photos, it depends on the business. Of course, if you’re a brick and mortar, it’s easier. So like, if you’re a restaurant or a coffee shop, or, or a baker or whatever, it’s easy to can just go to the bakery and take photos of your products. But when it’s a service, it’s a little bit harder, because you need to actually either get the graphic designer to design custom, something customized for you, or buy stock images. And in most cases, people don’t tell you where to go to get the images, they just want to get the images for you. And of course, these images are purchased. So they don’t want to spend the money buy them, and then you find out that they’re not related to what you do, and they’re not good enough. So I think, had they been a little bit more organized and upfront about their process and a step by step. To put things clearly in the proposal first, and follow up. Like, clearly, if you wanted to be the project manager, they should have known that, you know, it’s sometimes the first call is the most important one, which is even the call that precedes giving a proposal. It’s just the call where we discuss your idea. Like, you know, this is the idea of the business, this is what I want to do. That’s what’s going to be on the website like this is what I want people to do when they reach my website, like the call to action. Are they booking a consultation? Are they downloading something? What action? Do you want the user on your website to take? And these things, you as a business owner, you’re not supposed to know that before you speak with the specialist goes from their experience. They’re supposed to guide you through this process. And obviously, this is not what happened.

Yeah. And one of the other problems was like there were blatant mistakes in like, for example, with the metaphysics physics course, they had put it into a certain structure. And I said, that’s not correct. And there, it was, like, assuming that I just didn’t like how it was done. Instead of a site. This is actually incorrect. This, I cannot post the website with this information, because it’s inaccurate.

Wow. So was the content not provided by you? Like, did they have to go and write stuff? That was information I’ve provided, but they put it the wrong way? Like it was? Okay. I mean, just, I’m not trying to defend them. But like, when you say metaphysics, I feel a bit scared.

Yeah. But it was like, like, Oh, my

God, I know nothing about that.

Yeah. So it’s simply like a course outline.

Yeah. Yeah. So they should you should at least know the steps or, you know, the order of things. How, how would they be presented to the public?

Yeah, tell me when I’ll go. I think they just had put it in, in incorrect order. And we didn’t realize that. So it was like just attempting to get that get that communication to them.

When you got your second experience, how did that improve? between the first and the second?

Yeah. So I met him through a friend who met him through a BSI. And so I actually went to the DNI as a guest. Yeah. So I could actually meet him because it’s like, Okay, I’m meeting the person up front.

Let’s put the face to the name.

Yes. And I know where you live.

Yeah. And he was lovely. And, you know, he came up to Richmond, took some photos came to one of my information sessions, and took photos there. That’s good. Yeah, he was really nice guy. And I think maybe a year or two with him. And then it was just a change in focus to my business. And so the one he had created for me was really focused on the meditation and healing part which was great but very pink can very kind of

saw I think colors.

Yeah, and that’s great. Right? Pink is a very calming and connecting color. But I wanted to go a little bit more focused on the other part of my business, and this was just an I thought, rather than starting from scratch with him, just because I’d been introduced to this other company through someone and saw what they did. It seemed like a good fit for what I wanted for the new. Yeah. For the new one. So yeah, it was a really great experience. He was very good at incorporating, like, how are we going to do this? Do I do like vlogging? vlogging? Like, how are you going to be indicating with people and all of those things? So there was a lot of discussion all the way along. And the other thing is he, he was very open to what I did. So we had great philosophical conversations, too. So we connected both business wise and personally, which

was nice.

But you the new idea made you move to a third experience?

Yes. Because looking at his things, it wasn’t necessarily what I needed for the next step. And that’s kind of what I learned through this. It’s like, people are good at kind of the area that they’re good at. Yeah. And so I need to see really good examples of what are they doing for people? And how does it look? And so, yes, he did have that very Oh, and the other thing was he, he needed to learn some more boundaries, because he was doing so much for people he needed to increase his prices, he was overworking himself, and to get changes done was just too long. And I just kept saying, you know, you got to get some help. And he said, Yes, I am looking for help.

So this is actually a very common story to hear. And it happened to me, and it happens to a lot of people. Because, and this is the part that I would love for our viewers and listeners to understand a website is not something that you do once and you forget about it. It’s a living, it’s like a living creature. As long as the business is there, the website is dynamic things change, you would need to sometimes change the direction completely change the branding, or just add different content, and maybe different content format, which will push a change in the framework that you use, or the plugins or whatever you have on your website. So the idea is, this is something that lives as part of your business. And if your business is online, like COVID had forced everyone to go online now. That is the business like, you know, 80% of the business for many people comes from online sources. Now. It’s no longer the people you meet. In Vienna, I, we haven’t been able to do a lot of networking since March, face to face networking. Although I think most of us have done zillions of zooms, but it’s not the same. So the idea is when somebody like, it seems to me, like the difference in your experience between the first company or the first person, and the second one is like the total opposite. Like somebody was not good at customer service, maybe they’re good at design and technical stuff. And the second person was to good customer service to the point that they’re not making money. Like, because they’re giving so much. And this is this is very common. Because there’s a there’s a coaching aspect that happens like when you’re a techie. And this is your life, things that seemed so easy for you. And that come to you in a minute, when you think about an issue that needs solving is not necessarily the same with your client, the client needs, like full information, full explanation. And step by step how this works, which will take time. So a little bit of training and coaching is important here. Some people do screen share videos, which is great, so that you don’t have like, if person number two had this done as a video, rather than spending the time himself with every client, he would have saved a little bit of time. Because after some time, you know, this is the resource you run out of like you can’t work 24 or 24. You need to you know, you need time for yourself as well. And there are little bits and pieces that it’s hard to charge for. Like if somebody calls me having a problem, let’s say with their email, and within two minutes, I’ve given them the answer. Oh, thank you very much fixed by what am I going to put on my invoice like it was two minutes cool. You know what I mean? So you got to be like very clear on your business structure as to what type of support you’re giving. And so that you don’t anger your client and you don’t kill yourself by

absolutely like

real boundaries. Right and I that’s why I think I’m seeing a lot A lot more people both in the coaching world and places like yourself, the service based is like the laser coaching, which I think is a really good model, because, okay, you get 15 minutes, so many times a month or whatever. And so that way, it’s like, I know I have you there for the support.

Yeah, that’s what I do. For example, like after, after building somebodies website, in my proposal from the beginning, I put an option there for the ongoing maintenance and support, so that you’re not alone, once you get it, and you take the key, if you get stuck, if you’ve, you know, break something eventually, or whatever happens to the site, if you get attacked or hacked or, you know, something happens, at least, you still have me, you still have my support, you can call you can send an email, you know, and get something fixed quickly. And you’d have paid for this, you know, either monthly or annually. So it gives you, like, many different web developers and designers do it, you know, differently. But for example, mine, you get 30 minutes a month. So you could use that for training, you could use it for consulting, if you have a new idea in your business, you’re changing something, you know, in your business, and you want to see how this would reflect on your website. So you need to have a conversation around it. Or for simply fixing something, you know, a plugin broke or an update broke the site or something like this, and the best part of it, that you get daily backups. So you can go on a break your site without any fears, because we have yesterday’s backup, that we can restore from in like half an hour or something. And it doesn’t take you days. And the same thing if you if you’re hacked, or your site is attacked in some way. within half an hour, you could be up and running again. And the same thing again, if you’re you know, your hosting is not good enough. Your website is too slow because of the hosting. There are some companies very famous for being slow. I don’t want to mention names because I don’t want to be accused. But everyone in our industry knows who I mean. So let me move you to the third experience. Was it more balanced now? Like you’ve had the two opposites of the spectrum? What happened there? number three?

Yes, it was more balanced. And I get a lot of nice comments about my website now. Perfect. So that’s really good. And I mean, I do have more content now as I’ve moved along in my business, and then more speaking, and different things like that. So I do have more additions. And I totally agree with you that it is a living thing. And that’s why I’ve realized now is that this is going to continually change. And so I did have someone I had, like, what I liked about them is they had different people for different aspects. And so it was really much clear communication, okay, this, it’s a building thing or whatever I talked to them, if it’s a creation thing that I talked to this person, if it’s a technical issue on this particular thing, I go here, so it was much more demarked out. Who do you talk to? And I did have like a tech person for like what you do. So if I said, Okay, now I need to do this now that it’s live. I don’t know how to add an event, for example. Yeah. And she’d send me a little video on how to do it.

Perfect. Yeah, can do it herself. For every single client, she run out of time. Yeah.

Yeah. And it was perfect. Because I’m very visual that way. So for just to write out instructions, I find often it’s like, well, my screen doesn’t look that way. So well. And so to have a little video to follow along was really good for me.

And did you feel like after all this experience, like doing it on three iterations, you have, like, amassed a great deal of experience in getting a website done now. And did you need the same amount of coaching the third time through? Or? I’m assuming, but I don’t know. I’m assuming you needed less coaching.

Yes, definitely.

Yeah, and I was clear, right. And that’s and I think that’s part of our business process to realize where we are in our business is going to affect it because of being clear on my direction. What I want to offer all of those things because it’s an evolution when you’re starting out, especially in the service industry. It’s different with the bricks and mortar, like you say, but it’s like, Okay, I’m going to offer this and I’m going to focus on relationships, but it’s like, okay, people don’t understand my philosophy around that. So it’s like, how can I make it more Specific so that it’s something that they’re looking for. And I can help them in a way that makes sense to them. And also, then as I added in different services or different information, then that’s going to shift to and, and having. Yeah, that just level of experience and connections with people and understanding more what they needed and the process. So all of that certainly helped. Perfect.

And how, what the first question about all the three experiences together, how long did it take from the time you started the first time till today? Is it years, months? years?

That’s a good question. Probably about three years now.

Okay. So it’s like, once a year, once a year?

Yeah, I might be a little bit longer. But yeah, but around that, I would say,

and are you planning to change one more time,

I’m happy with the website, it’s just a matter of I know that there’s some updates I need to do. And so it’s just, you know, getting the writing done. And some of the, the updates there, you know, with the different services, it’s a bit general on the website. And so in some of the things I offer, you know, maybe change up the meditation to something else, that kind of thing.

So it’s kind of the content, excuse me, it’s kind of the evolution of the content, which is part of the evolution of the business. And sometimes, you want to kind of put your light on a specific area of the business. And maybe as you’re saying, meditation maybe can be the name can be changed to something else, if that resonates better with your audience. Right. So

not only that, it’s like, that was good at a certain time. And people can get so much meditation online. Now, if they just want that, then they can go to does I need to come to you. Yeah, yeah. So I don’t find that that really draws people. So instead, like I’m, I’ve got something I’m working on to do with making decisions or something more around that that would fit more towards the motivation and understanding ourselves.

Nice. And do you like, almost in what you do the need to be some kind of a finding out more about the person who’s coming to you? So do you give them this information? Like, is that a form on the website where people? I’m not going to say ticket desk, because that would be a specific path. But like where they can give more info. So you know, whether they’re the right fit for you or not, or how does it happen? Or do they just book a call and, and you take it from there?

Yeah, the majority is clarity call, I call it because we may or not, may not be the correct fit. But I can often if we’re not, then I can tell you what you might need. Because I use a lot of my intuitive side as well.

And I love that part. Yeah, yeah. No, like, No, we can’t work together, you’re on your own. Exactly.

Exactly. And then I can explain more, because these are concepts that might be foreign to them. And so I find if I put explanation, it doesn’t necessarily give them what they need. Because I think one of my focuses is that we are unique, and we need to have some Yes,

sir. Every case is unique. Yeah.

And it’s the same with doing that initial package rate. It’s like, what comes out of that may or may not be what we thought it boat in the beginning, right? Because we’re uncovering What are those issues? We have the kind of problems problem that we’re seeing externally. But it’s like, how is that relating to us? And what’s going on for us inside and most people aren’t spending that time doing that. So that’s part of what I do is kind of slow them down. Okay, let’s Yeah, going on. And how we’re perceiving it, because a lot of it is about reframing what’s going on, and normalizing things for people. Because so often we feel it’s just us going through it.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Everyone thinks that their problem hasn’t been seen by somebody else or hasn’t been experienced by somebody else. It’s normal. I think, in this day and age, we don’t give ourselves time to work on ourselves. Like, you know, and I, even though like I’m the internet guy, I think the Internet has sometimes a dark side, whereby it can negatively affect you if you lose yourself in it. And one of the movies that I want to see on Netflix, somebody He told me about is called the social dilemma. If you haven’t met Netflix, look it up. I’m just waiting, I’m trying to get my kids to watch with me. And of course they don’t want to. And the trailer just gives you an idea. It’s about how they created social media to be addictive. So it’s kind of how they suck the life and the time out of us. When we’re always running, we’re always going after different things. And like, sometimes you feel like oh, my God, like, I’m in a member of I don’t know how many Facebook groups, I have learned to have social media time. Like, I look at the clock, and I say, I’m going to do one hour of Facebook, these are the groups that I’m going to check. And then part of this one hour, maybe 1015 minutes, just friends and funny stuff. And you know, maybe watching videos, nonsense videos, or whatever. Yeah, or the debates, because we have one and one in BC and one in the US.

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