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Excellent, Interesting, Enjoyed! – Thank you Amr.

Georges from San Antonio, TX



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I am a certified e-commerce/e-business consultant specialized in online services.

I’ve been building websites (started with HTML and JavaScript in 2001 then moved to WordPress in 2010) I have helped people do business online since 2001; That’s when my clients nicknamed me: “Amr The Internet Guy!”

I have previously worked as an IT manager in charge of setting up/maintaining a network of computers and back-end servers (Web, Email, DNS, DHCP, and proxy/security servers) I’ve managed and trained helpdesk/online support center teams between 2003 and 2013 and I worked for SaaS software companies after.

I currently have my web development & consulting “boutique company” called HumanTalents. I work with entrepreneurs to solve Tech. issues and I have been teaching/training since 1998.

I have delivered courses in academic institutes of technology as well as corporate training, where I have been in charge of management training programs that included technology as well as soft skills like leadership & motivation, service delivery, CRM, sales, and marketing.

I enjoy helping people diagnose and solve technical issues, especially the “non-visual” back-end and hosting stuff, things like DNS, email, website optimization, etc. I’ve also invested thousands of dollars in tech. training and business coaching, and I intend to continue to create online training courses that help business and web professionals solve problems and get better at what they do.


latest courses

The Internet Guy’s Mastering E-mail Deliverability & DNS Course

Learn how to set up emails from your website (or your client’s) to arrive in the Inbox without exception, no more mail lost in spam or tabs!

Migrate websites and emails without any problem

Understand the complete DNS System

Understand how SMTP, POP, and IMAP work

… and much more


what students said:

The course really helped me to figure out the technical aspects that you need as a web designer.
Amr explains DNS settings, how e-mail works and e-mail deliverability in a very understandable manner and with step-by-step guides.

He took away a lot of my fear!

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Carolin Besting

Web Designer


I’m SOOO grateful for your training course!
It was like a lifeline for me last night and today!!

Kate Megill

Kate Megill

Author, Entrepreneur & Web Designer.

 The course told me everything I needed to know and more. I’ll be referring back to it to remind myself how to do things. Highly recommended, and if I can master email and understand DNS – anyone can! Thanks, Amr for putting this course together.

Adela Mei

Adela Mei

Digital Strategist & Business Coach

The course was helpful and practical. It helped me navigate the maze of setting up a domain on Cloudflare which was huge!
Andrew Schaefer web designer

Andrew Schaeffer

Web Designer & Digital Marketer


Quick Tutorials

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