Online with Amr, EP3, Tips and hacks to make your website a success

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EP3: Online 🌎 With Amr The Internet Guy

Tips and easy hacks to make your website a success

HumanTalents Tech

Online! EP – 3

Costly mistakes to avoid when building your website!

The show focuses on entrepreneurs and business owners to help them become more successful in conducting their business on the web without being stuck with Technology, getting a headache, pulling their hairs out, or buying expensive software!

In EP3: I am interviewed by Mike Arboit and we are discussing what it takes for a business website to be successful online. This episode of the show has many tips and hacks for website owners.

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Hey guys, and welcome to Episode Three from online with internet guy. This is the episode when things start to get more interesting. This is the one that has a lot of tips about being more successful online. So without further ado, let’s get in.

Yeah, that’s very true. I with what you do like as the internet guy, are there any current cool things you’re working on?

Um, I don’t know, like, I wouldn’t say they’re cool. But like, the first thing is like what we’re doing today, I’ve always wanted to start my podcast, I’ve been procrastinating forever. There’s a lot of, you know, getting a good space to record having the right equipment. Having somebody who was a professional editor, we can, you know, cut and paste stuff together and make the intros and whatever. And certainly I didn’t want to be talking to myself. So it’s usually having a two way conversation. So the podcast is that’s the project I’m working on now. And I’m hoping that this will be the first episode like the intro of the podcast. Recently, I’ve been fixing websites more than building new ones, because people realized the speed, you know, like, their websites are not loading fast enough, and they want them fixed. So they just come we have like, a package just to speed. So we don’t change anything, we don’t change the design, you know. And what we do, we apply some of the algorithms that we know from the back end on the hosting part. And then we have what we call a caching plugin, there are so many of those, the issue isn’t which plugin is better than the other. But it’s how you configure it to do the right job. Yeah, because it’s not a set it and forget it sort of thing. It has to be configured correctly, to work with your back end. And this way, your website will load faster. So we’ve been getting some of these, and we’ve been getting a lot of people who call and say, Hey, I have a problem. And then turns out to have malware. You know, like the problem with all the websites, regardless of what technology they’re on. technology gets updated, sometimes on a daily basis. If you’re using something like WordPress, WordPress itself, every now and then they would issue like an update. And sometimes it will be like a major update that changes a lot of things, your themes or plugins, probably every two or three days, they have an update. If they discover a security problem or something, they’ll update it, leaving all the stuff on auto and forgetting about it will cause you trouble. If it’s not updated. Its security problem. You could be hacked or you could have malware. And if it’s an auto update, sometimes they don’t play nicely together. Like you might have a conflict between this WordPress version and that specific plugin, which wasn’t written for this version. And they didn’t update quickly enough. So there’s a conflict there. So you always need a professional to do your maintenance and security and oh, yeah, backups. Yeah. We always realize how important a backup is when we don’t have it. When crisis hits and like, oops, I kind of lost everything here. Like you don’t have a backup. Oh, no, I was offered a backup for $1 50 when I set up my hosting, but I declined this option makes you like oh, yeah, my hair out.

It’s always the worst scenario to and the worst timing. So

yeah, we’re so like backups are not expensive. They’re about $2 a month or something like this. Like, if you have a professional doing your maintenance, security updates and backups, then take care of it. If you’re doing it yourself. Invest, you know, see if your hosting company does backups. And I’m 100% sure is not expensive. Like it’s usually around between $1 and five per month, depending how big your site is. and invest in this. Not only backups, but learn when if there’s something wrong. How do you restore from backups? And then you can play around as much as you like, break your site. It doesn’t matter. learn anything. If you have the time. Yeah, you’re backed up. You’re good.

I might be talking like, I’m obviously not in that field of work. But I could see a problem being or not even a problem. It’s worked for the Yeah, web developers and stuff is a business owner or person, get somebody to make a website for them. They finish the project. They think that’s the end of it. They go they go they post their website, not realizing that you’d have to update that website like in today’s time. It could be daily with new things you could do or Weekly you’re like, if you’re not using it that much monthly, like if your mom Pasha doesn’t need to do it, but you still have to update it. Sorry, do you run into those issues a lot where it’s like they don’t have the contact with the guy who developed the website or whoever developed the website. And then now you got to go fix it for them. Is that like, yes,

yes, goes Deaf got like some dated plugins that haven’t been updated from 2013. And some of them have even been taken off the internet. Anyway, like, the person who created that plugin no longer develops plugins anymore. Yeah. And you still have it on your website. And that’s a security hole in there. Just crisis waiting to happen. So yeah, we do a lot of that. And one of the things that I’ve just noticed as well, since we’re discussing backup and stuff, yesterday, somebody posted on Facebook, she was very active on Instagram, she spent the last three years building like, very good follower base. And her Instagram page was the main kind of marketing tool for her. She got somehow hacked, like somebody who she knows, she received the message with a link to click an a code to enter. And she did that blindly from the phone small screen doesn’t read, you know, what’s going on properly. And the result was her Instagram page disappeared. Poof, completely 5000 followers gone. And now she’s at the mercy of Facebook and Instagram, like trying to contact support and get them to get this page back. And we don’t know if they if they even can do that or not. Because she doesn’t even know what she did.

She probably sold it somebody that I don’t know, people by by accounts

that have with a lot of followers. Yeah, I don’t know what happened. But like, and I’m thinking like, why would you have like, the meat of your marketing? somewhere? When you have zero control? Like you don’t own Facebook, you don’t own Instagram, you don’t own Squarespace. You don’t own Shopify, you don’t own Wix. Right. All what it takes is for them to do a little change, for you to suffer. And why do that? Like, I know, it’s so easy to like, I know. Like I know, your website is on Squarespace, for example. And I was speaking with Aaron the other day about if you want it faster, what do you do? And she said, Oh, I just paid for an upgrade to make it faster. So we’ve tested it together. And it’s not as fast as we want it to be. But now after an upgrade, you’re at the mercy of Squarespace like, you know, if there’s no more upgrade to make it even faster, there’s nothing that you can do is just stuck there. And so my advice is, make your own website. Number one, like many people think WordPress is hard. Okay. If you think is hard, find something else that you host yourself on your host like, you know, when I say host yourself, I don’t mean, you get servers in your house or whatever. I mean, like by hosting, it’s under your control, right? Your website is on your web hosting. And if for any reason, it’s not fast enough, it’s got a problem, whatever, you can just take the whole thing migrated to another provider. And if you don’t know how to do it, you get any web designer or developer that do it for you. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. But you have like, you know, you have your bucket with you. You can take it with you wherever you go. If it’s not fast enough, there are plugins that can do that there are people who can help you. Because you own the code, you own the stuff. It’s with you is not on somebody else’s network. Now, am I saying Don’t be on social media. Not at all. use social media to drive traffic to your website. So make your website, your main bucket. You know, like when people speak of funnels and stuff like I some of the things, some of the words that we hear these days scare me, like if I meet someone who say the word seven figures, I just walk away I get scared of like money scares me as well. I want to make money but like, I don’t think I want to like okay, I’m not saying I don’t want to be a millionaire or I don’t want to make seven figures. But what scares me is hearing about people who are saying to everyone that this is too easy to hit seven figures, man to hit four figures. This is hard work. But yeah, if you put in the work and the hours and you learn and you get better at what you do, you’ll hit seven figures eventually. Some other words that scare me is the word funnel. Because people are saying this or not explaining what a funnel is. Like, you know, the only thing that comes to mind is changing the course oil when they

put the Yeah, yeah, or funnel cake or

butter but so I call it simply like a bucket like this is the bucket where your customers and your prospect or your prospect customers and leads go have this bucket somewhere that you own, which is your website, then use social media to draw the traffic back to this bucket. So at least you always have your bucket with you know, right. And if you’re gonna post, many people now love Instagram, because it’s so easy to use, and many now are going to tick tock and other networks. By all means do be active there if What if this is where your customers will be at or, you know, the the people who we are trying to educate or serve are there on these networks. But first, if you have to write something, create a video or whatever, do this post on your website. So let’s say I created the video, I’ll put it on YouTube, then I’ll create a post on my website, and I’ll link the video in the post. So I write an intro, put the video on the page, then I’ll take this link of this page and push it to my Facebook, Instagram, you know, whatever other networks, LinkedIn. And this way people when they click, they’re coming to my site. So if for any reason, if I have trouble with any of these social media networks, my website is still that works.

100% Yeah, yeah, that makes it a total, like a ton of sense. And there’s all those different, almost like, almost like branch websites or like a link tree, I think is one of them, where people pop in their profiles or whatever, where they’ll Yeah, if their Instagram happy, they’ll go crazy on their Instagram, but in their bio, they have like a link to their main website or a link to a bunch of their main, exactly. Their main website and then all of their side projects or their side social medias. And I yeah, you put your eggs all in one basket, like you lose. Or they go out of business like I think about I have a friend who’s a like, he’s always been doing like social media stuff and pretty big on it. Then tik tok came out and it just like his popularity shot skyrocket. And then you heard all about that stuff about possibly being banned and all that. Yeah, it’s just like so you can literally go from monetizing off of social media app as your main like source of income. That’s how much Tick Tock you pay some people and then all of a sudden one change one change. Oh, you’re in crisis. Yeah. Especially in the states like it was the politics are like politics can control your how you make your money. So I feel like you really need to kind of brand your own brand and its own spa like you say, yeah, the website with anything like that. And then just use all the many, many tools that are like options for everybody to promote yourself in whatever ways the best, like you take an artist per se, Instagram is perfect. LinkedIn is more like business. Yeah, this is the business. But like, if you know your niche, go hard on that stuff. But don’t just go hard on that stuff.

Yeah, I mean, if you’re an artist have a website. Yeah. Okay. It doesn’t have to be like state of the art website, but have a website that has some of your art. Yeah, you know, publish it on your website first. And then if you’re a musician, for example, you’ll be in Spotify or cloud, what is it called Cloud? Something

that’s just Apple Music? Yeah. Or

Apple Music? Yeah. And, but if you have some of your music, or like, little clips that are for free, publicly, you know, posted, put them on your website, first, let it hit your website. Let Google see. And this is one of the things you know, like, I don’t know, if we still have time, but one of the things that I bugs the hell out of me, is people paying for SEO without realizing what SEO is? Like, why are you paying for like, a lot of people pay? I don’t know, 500 $600 a month? Yeah. And they’re not really sure what they’re paying for. And it bugs me is like, most of the cases, what happens is that you have a website, you want it to be noticed, you get a spam message somewhere, either by email or on one of your social media networks or by an agency or whatever, who say, hey, we’ll put you on the first page of Google who doesn’t want to be on the first page of Google. Right? So yeah, you guys, please take this into consideration. No one I can put you on the first page of Google. He can’t. Unless you’re Google, Google, only Google can put you on the first page of Google. But what these people do they buy ads. So basically, you know, when you search for something, and you get the ads or anything. It’s labeled ad, like everyone knows. And nowadays, most of the people when they see the word ads, they don’t want to click anyway. So you know, sometimes it’s even a waste of money. But anyway, you’re paying for an agency or for a third party to go on by Google ads on your behalf. So some of the money of course, we’ll be covering their own effort and work and A big chunk of the money goes to pay for the ads. But you’re not involved. It’s like you’re just dishing out money. Right? And you have no clue what you’re paying for. Where are these ads placed? Are they placed? Like, do I want? Do I want my ad to appear? For example, on a page that sells something that I don’t agree with, you know, do I want my ad to appear on a political page, for example, like, and I have nothing to do with politics or, or you know, the other way around. So you don’t know where your ads are placed? You don’t know what keywords they used for your ads. That’s, that’s bad practice. So when you hear the word SEO, which is search engine optimization, stop and think, number one, think of the stuff that’s under your own control. If you’re let’s say you’re a pizza, small pizza outlet, or a small pizza restaurant, right? So two pizza restaurants, one of them is active on their website, and the other one is not. Which one do you think Google will like? More? Obviously, the active one, the active one. Now, when you speak with the pizza shop owners and tell me you want me to blog about pizza? Yeah, I want you to blog about pizza, just tell people why I don’t know, this type of dough is better than that type of idea. Or, you know, I don’t know much about pizza myself, I eat it, but you know it, it’s your industry write something about it. You know, it doesn’t have to be the best article ever. But commit to do something weekly. You know, if you’re, if I’m still going with a pizza thing, you can write about different toppings you can write about, why did you decide to open a pizza shop in the first place? So it’s not a bunch of people coming to your website to look at the menu order? Yeah, right. Because some of them won’t even find you. But when you’re writing stuff, Google will pick it up, and it will start appearing in different places. And, you know, if you write this one and tweet about it, or share that article on Facebook, and you know, your followers would see it. And sometimes you feel like, like, my stuff sometimes on Facebook is pretty technical. And sometimes I question myself, should I put this on my regular Facebook page, or a specific group that I know would be interested in this stuff. And I do it on both. And even on my page, when it would be maybe boring for the general, you know, my friends and family and whatever, but it actually serves a purpose. It’s a reminder for them about what I do. When you’ve known someone for a long time. Sometimes you forget what they do.

But I know you don’t see him that often. The last thing you do is talk about work. You want to catch up on everything else of the things that you might love. And yeah, you get along about or whatever, you’re not gonna ask them what they do for no, and someone was gonna ask me

like, you know, do you know a good pizza place? If I’ve just seen it? from somebody? I know my you know, Facebook, I think, yeah, my Expedia is the best pizza in town.

And I say pizza is a great example too, because I love my pizza too. And it’s when you look online now, like, if a pizza place is great, it’s a mom and pop pizza shop. But they don’t have online presence. You can’t order online, they have a basic website that posts like, literally looks like a bit took a picture. But there’s another menu, it’s on their website and you got to still call them and there’s

nothing to do like as a visitor Yeah, and not making

your life easier. And it can be can be the greatest pizza in the world. But if it’s no one knows about it in a in a time that everybody’s so time based, so impatient, not not many people are going to go like go to a website, so they have to pull out their phone. So they have to call you make the order. So like I find that Google like even if you have a website you have to keep that thing updated. Even if it’s like online ordering just anything like even if you don’t want to blog just have the be it’s quite easy for me to Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And it’s like, I find it hilarious because you always the smaller pizza places if you go to their websites, it’s not their pictures of their pizza. Yeah, take like stock images, a pizza from other places and stuff. It’s hilarious. Just

get a stop on pizza now your teenage kid. Yeah, with their camera. I mean, if they have an iPhone, they have good quality camera, and get them to take pictures of your pizza in the shop. Like it’s,

I think that’s the monopod businesses that are succeeding are the ones that are like if they’re stubborn and older, and they don’t want to get with the times with like social media accounts, or just just tech tech in general or meat and just like promotion that way. The people that are the small businesses that our old like that that are being saved to the ones that have kids or someone that they’ve hired, that has that young son, yeah, and that’s like mom, dad or whoever some of

this stuff can be easily taken care of. But some of the stuff you still have to do.

Yeah. 100% cool. Yeah, like where can we find you? Mr. Liquid? You have Facebook groups Instagram, everything.

Yeah. So my company’s not by my name. My company is called human talents tech. So it’s human And if you just Google amor the internet guy, hopefully you’ll find me. page one. I can’t really tell you. That’s a very precise search. So as I say, I’m an internet guy. It’s definitely Yeah, page one. But like, you know, if you just say the internet guy without my name, of course, I’m probably paid 1000 down.

Yeah, yeah, but yeah, check him out. amor, the internet guy. Great personality. Great, man. He’s awesome to talk to you. And I could imagine be awesome to work with. Thank you. So yeah, I can’t say anything but great about you. You definitely, like I said, the stereotype of a web designer. You break that wall down. Like it ain’t anything. You just break that wall down. And I think that’s that’s good. Because to show people that they’re not all Geek Squad. They’re not all like, like the kids in school that like

it. My Way glasses. Oh, yeah. And I lost most of my hair.

Yeah, but you’re not 20. Exactly. And you’re not. Yeah. So I appreciate you coming on. I hope to do more with you. And like you said, you want to get into podcasting, too. So doing this as like a joint episode together? It’s a good idea, I think, where if you want to keep doing this, obviously, this is a place where we’re trying to promote this. And you as a website developer, I think you can see Yeah, pluses of media, and using any kind of media to your advantage to promote yourself, right?

Yeah, of course, definitely. I mean, I am For example, I prefer audiobooks. Sometimes you want the feeling of a book in your hand. But in most cases, for people like me, who spend a long time in front of a computer screen, in your off time, you don’t want your eyes to continue being tired, right? So it’s just easier to listen to the books. And it’s easier to learn by listening to podcasts. So, you know, anything that technology has made available for us these days, it will be good to use it. Yeah. And I aim to help as many people as I can find more success online. Yeah. So you know, if this is by listening to one of these episodes, or you know, asking a question and finding the answer somewhere in one of the Facebook groups or whatever, there will be great like that’s my job is done. Yeah, you know, if I can educate as many people as possible, as many business owners on how to be more successful online, my job is done.

Yeah, that’s awesome. Well, thank you for being here.

Amr Thank you. I

appreciate you coming in. Like I said, and yeah, we’ll do it again sometime.

Take care, man. (COVID fistbump)

check him out Amr the internet guys. Awesome, guys. Have a good one.

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