Comprehensive Guide for Any Small Business to Launch a Website

December 15, 2020
written by Amr "The Internet Guy!"
small business website

8 Easy to follow steps to take your business
Online 🌎  

A Guide for Anyone to Launch their Small Business Website and
Easily take their Business Online!

FACT: Small Businesses can’t survive nowadays without a functional Website

website maintenance and securityOne thing that can’t be overstated for small businesses is the importance of creating a website and establishing a presence on the web. In 2019, 2/3rds of all small businesses had websites and by 2020, 29 percent more had planned to implement one.

In this day and age if you don’t have a website it’s impossible to be found.

And if you can’t be found you are not making money period! That’s why has created this easy guide for any small business owner to create their own website in 8 easy steps. The guide has easy to follow instructions in order to take your idea and make it into a website that anyone would be happy to visit. However, many steps can be difficult to accomplish especially if you don’t have a background or experience in web design and tech.
So help is available on demand.

If you want some guidance on best practices for your own website design you can visit
our resources to get a full picture of the launch process from front end to backend and all the things you’ve never heard of. Make sure your website is strategically designed using our 15+ years of experience in website design.

Too many websites are poorly coded and slapped together quickly which leads to snail-paced loading, higher exit rates, crashes, and angry customers. You can do a lot alone but make sure you are getting the expert insight so you don’t have to go back in 3 months and restart your design because you neglected security and someone hacked your site. 


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